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​NPPSD Grading and Reporting

Grading and reporting practices were identified as a district improvement initiative in the spring of 2016.  There was a need to better align grading and reporting practices to district curriculum as well as the most current instructional and assessment research and philosophies.  Consistent grading practices within and among grade levels and courses was also a consideration.   

The North Platte Teaching & Learning Department in 2016-17 facilitated the development of district wide procedures and practices that would ensure effective and consistent implementation of the grading and reporting of students' learning​.   North Platte Public School District’s grading practices and procedures were reviewed and vetted by the elementary and secondary school principals, CIP teacher leaders, and professional learning teams.  The feedback was used to develop the district-wide procedures, practices, and professional learning for  implementation in 2017-2018.   The Teaching and Learning Department will compile feedback throughout the year and make appropriate revisions.   

The collaborative efforts of the aforementioned resulted in the design of a grading and reporting procedural manual.  

The Teaching and Learning Department will conduct an audit on the fidelity of implementing the K-12 grading practices in 2017-18. It will determine the fidelity of the K-12 grading guidelines and how well are we adhering to best practices.   The ​essential questions​ posed for district staff, and specifically the district’s Teaching & Learning team, were:  

1. What purposes do you believe report cards and grades should serve?  

2. What is our assurance level that the grades assigned to K-12 students are consistent, accurate, meaningful, and supportive/timely?”    

The following consultants along with their researched-based grading and reporting practices were used in the development of this manual:  Ken O'Connor, Rick Stiggins, Dylan Wiliam, Robert Canady, Bob Marzano, Tom Guskey, Doug Reeves, Jay McTighe, and Rick Wormeli.