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Heather Hupfer


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Lincoln Elementary | Second Grade

‚ÄčMy name is Heather Hupfer. I am originally from North Platte, Nebraska and graduated from North Platte High School. I received my Bachelor of Science in Education degree from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, and my Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Doane University.

I am married to John Hupfer. He is employed by the United States Postal Service. We have four children – two NPHS graduates, one NPHS Junior, and one NPHS Sophomore.

I am a Second Grade Teacher at Lincoln Elementary School. Before teaching in the North Platte Public Schools, I served as the director for the Retired Senior Volunteer Program - sponsored by the City of North Platte and the Corporation for National and Community Service.  Prior to that position, I had the privilege of working as a One-on-One para educator for a non-English speaking/Special Education student at Elliott Elementary School in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Personal Philosophy Statements

I believe that every student is unique and that every student is a learner…

Therefore, I will help my students discover, embrace and build on their individual challenges and strengths.


I believe that it is my professional responsibility to foster every student’s learning style and preference…

Therefore, I will plan, teach and provide activities and practice in a variety of ways to challenge their thinking, creativity, and problem solving abilities.


I believe the best teachers are the teachers who strive to touch the lives and souls every child they teach…

Therefore, I will honor diversity and I will treat each student with kindness, love and respect.


I believe that our students need us to be a “charismatic adult” in their lives.

Therefore, I will remember to listen, to be patient and understanding, to lift up and empower, and to provide a steady source of positive emotional support to each of my students.  


I believe that education and learning should be engaging, active, collaborative, interesting, and creative…

Therefore, I will do my best to provide a multitude of rich and engaging opportunities for students to explore knowledge and to grow as learners.